The Ultimate Packable Solution

Matador was born in a 10x10 foot San Francisco bedroom in 2014 when we stumbled on a trend; people sitting outside on their coats or lugging bulky blankets across town to the parks and beaches. We thought there has to be a better solution, and that's when the Matador Pocket Blanket was born.

Matador - 終極收納背包

Matador 在2014年出生在一個10x10英尺的舊金山臥室開始構思,偶然發現一種趨勢; 人們坐在外面在他們的外套或穿過城鎮的公園和海灘的笨重的毯子。 創辦人Boulder, Colorado 認為必須有一個更好的解決方案,這就是 Matador 誕生的時候。
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