Liquiproof coatings have been specifically designed to help keep surfaces clean, dry and stain free. The versatile coatings are highly water repellent – liquids simply bead up and roll off. Our Liquiproof formulas bond with each individual fibre of the surface; creating invisible, long-lasting protection against whatever you throw at it. Surfaces remain breathable and look and feel exactly the same as untreated surfaces.
Put simply, Liquiproof protective spray helps keep surfaces protected by creating an invisible omniphobic coating using nanotechnology.
"Omniphobic surfaces are highly hydrophobic, i.e. extremely difficult to make wet. The contact angles of a water droplet exceeds 150° and the roll-off angle/contact angle hysteresis is less than 10°.[1] This is also referred to as the Lotus effect, after the omniphobic leaves of the lotus plant." – Wikipedia

Liquiproof protected surfaces are helped to remain dry and free from moisture without effecting the breathability or flexibility of the surface. Garments remain cleaner, easier to care for and ultimately stay looking better for longer. Antimicrobial, anti-graffiti, stain proofing, acid and base resistance are all possible benefits.

Liquiproof專門設計用於幫助保持表面清潔,乾燥和無污點。多功能的塗料具有高度的防水性 - 液體只是起珠和滾落。我們的Liquiproof配方與表面的每一根纖維結合在一起;創造無形的,持久的保護,防止你拋棄它。表面保持透氣,外觀和感覺與未經處理的表面完全相同。
“疏水錶面是高疏水性的,即非常難以濕潤,水滴的接觸角超過150°,滾動角/接觸角滯後小於10°[1]。這也被稱為蓮花效應,蓮花植物的多餘葉子之後“。 - 維基百科

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