A broad-shouldered, 3-ZIP daypack for peak bagging or picnics.

Our 3-ZIP design has won a lot of fans over the years... for good reason. The COULEE 25 fills a key size gap in our 3-ZIP offering. Two front, exterior stretch woven pockets make it easy to tuck your windshirt or skins for swift retrieval. Side stretch woven pockets keep water bottles handy. The top lid has a zippered compartment for stashing cameras, snacks, etc. Our re-direct waist belt secures the load.


Coulee 25

Coulee 25最大的特色在外部設計了四個彈性布口袋,優越的延展性使前面的口袋可容納風雨衣、褲子,或是其他需要隨時使用的裝備。包體兩側附有束帶與登山杖伸縮帶設計,頂蓋的雙層拉鍊隔層,加上經典的三拉鍊設計,優化了加掛與收納性。搭載可調整式背板,強化背負穩定性,25公升容量適合一日郊山、旅遊與城市通勤使用。

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